Philip Davies

ARCADE Oct 23rd – Oct 26th 2019

Resonance, echoes, feeling, thought, memory what resonates around us becomes recollection a mark retained in the mind, we reflect the world and the world reflects us, vibrations within a web of interconnected vibrations reflecting responding creating pervasive qualities that leave deep impressions on the conscious mind.

My exhibition seeks to reflect the resonance in our environment with the intention to immerse the viewer in a visual and sonic environment creating a harmony within the gallery space between meaningful and powerful and synchronised visuals. A sonorous meeting place based on the narrative of unconscious imagery and perceptual distortions.
My art merges imagination and reality drawing on myth, symbolism, surrealism as sources of inspiration. I am deeply interested in the unnatural, the strange and mysterious this interest has instilled in me the a sense to explore and represent the enigmatic in my artwork.

I have always had an unnerving sense in the world around me, that something is not quite right shadows hovering on the edge of perception, strange coincidences, lucid dreams, paranormal experiences and uncanny instance.

My artwork is how I converse with these experiences.
Art has helped me to understand, has become my own way to comprehend the unusual through creating a personal language and symbolism that interacts with my deepest inner thoughts.