Campfa - 11.3.20 - 5.4.20
Arcade Studio Holders
An exhibition of recent work from our studio holders at Arcade Studios.
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Arcade - 4.3.20 - 16.3.20
Escapism - CSAD IllustrationGroup exhibition of work from BA Illustration students at Cardiff School of Art & Design focussing on creativity as a form of escape.
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Arcade - 26.2.20 - 29.2.20
Sashi Handford, Stanley Mel and George Goom present recent work exploring the amateur, happiness and success in contemporary society. 
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Campfa - 29.1.20 - 29.2.20
Based internationally and in South Wales,  the work of exhibiting artists Nadja Buttendorf, Sabrina Labis, Dina Kelberman, Paul Granjon and Ian Watson often draws upon digital culture and the internet to explore ideas around futures, social norms and our personal and social relationships to communication technologies.
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Arcade - 11.12.19 - 21.12.19
Associates’ Show
ArcadeCampfa’s annual showcase of our Associates’ artwork. Our associates volunteer to invigilate and assist with exhibitions and every year we offer an opportunity to exhibit their work in one of our spaces. In 2019 we extended the opportunity to volunteers at g39
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Arcade - 4.12.19 - 7.12.19
Glass Houses - Ashleigh Trim
Ashleigh Trim presents an exhibition of paintings exploring notions of empty space and imagined narratives. 
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Campfa - 27.11.19 - 21.1.20
Walking with my Eyes - Alice Banfield
Alice Banfield was the artist in residence at ArcadeCampfa for six months in 2019. The resulting work is shown in this exhibition.
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Arcade - 23.10.19 - 26.10.19
Resonance - Philip Davies
Philip Davies presents an exhibition of new work in mixed media exploring ideas around memory, recollection, the conscious and subconscious.  ︎ Exhibition Text pdf

Campfa - 12.10.19 - 2.11.19
Spread - Grrrl Zine Fair
A portable, reconstructable exhibition space first exhibited in 2019, Spread is presented by Grrrl Zine Fair as an expanding, touring exhibitions, with a focus on platforming marginalised voices. Each new venue will present the work alongside new comissions via open call.
Arcade - 9.10.19 - 19.10.19
How to Accurately Assemble a Scaffold
Megan Woodward-Hay, Jamie Lee Walton, Thomas Lloyd, Aron Nelson and Maria Parachidou present a body of work shown in various stages of fruition.
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Campfa - 4.9.19 - 5.10.19
A Brief History of Healing
Artist Gail Howard works alongside University Hospital Llandough to create work with patients, staff and visitors. The exhibition was cross-site and featured artwork and workshops from artists Georgia Twigg, Alex Goodman, Sarah Featherstone and Lee Cutter.
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