Jacob Taylor

ARCADE Apr 26th – May 11th 2019

What is happiness? This exhibition explores one’s perception of happiness and the search for pleasure in modern day culture. The quest for happiness within our current society is of debate and is explored through the medium of visual communication and artistic expression. Is pleasure happiness? This can be debated as the lines become blurred at times. The work within this exhibition captures the sinful and taboo nature of some pleasures that can be understood as an intoxicating short-term pleasure. What is the difference between short and long- term happiness? Is society addicted to short-term happiness and quick fixes? Is our generation so fixated in living in the moment we have lost touch with the want and need of long-term happiness? These are a few of the questions that will be explored to better understand what makes people happy. This exhibition will capture the extent of what some people do for happiness.

I am a very experimental painter honing in on a lowbrow, surrealistic and a graphic style.
My imagination and own thoughts play a big part in my creative process. I work in a very spontaneous visual way of making imagery. I work with narratives and a visual way of storytelling by asking questions, not just to the viewer but also to myself and exploring my own mind and ideology.
I take inspiration from everyday life and implement it into my work whether it be in a dark, humourous or playful way by using controversial imagery. I achieve this by juxtaposition, taking ‘taboo’ topics and displaying them together with a narrative to create questions and hopefully answers for the topic at hand. I experiment with colour and use a wide range within my work, utilising both spontaneity and my knowledge of colour theory.
I enjoy painting my subject matter in unexpected and exaggerated colours to evoke wonder and add a playful quality to my work.