Somya Dhiman & Charlie Lindsay

ARCADE    Feb 8th – Feb 22nd 2019

"There is a place between the earth and the sky where you and I meet in moments unknown to them... in moments unknown to us... Where my soul is still in wait for you..."

Our work reflects an accumulated form of our everyday. We have come to understand that as human beings we might go through different situations but, at the end of the day, we feel the same emotions. As artists, our motive is not only to express ourselves but also to make people become more aware of the emotions, especially the ones that they hide, through our artwork.

Just like the world that is made up of contradictions, so is our show. Charlie's work is bold and spontaneous, whereas, my work is minute and deliberate. Our way of working compliments and contradicts at the same time.  



Somya Dhiman   “Who am I?” is the question that has always been the driving force for my work. Hindu, Indian and female are the words which make me up broadly. My work, I feel, comes from meditating upon these words, sometimes individually and sometimes by putting them together. The answers remain speculative as these parts of me have been deconstructed and reconstructed over and over again in different arrangements.

Being in the UK these constructions are looked upon differently. My objective as an artist is to create a narrative which is nostalgic and dramatic. The dialogues between the artwork and the audience that must be reflective and personal and not rigid.  My work will always be true to the nature of my sex as I do not know what it is like to feel like my opposite sex. It will always reflect my roots and my clay, sometimes in an appraisal and sometimes in denial.

Charlie Lindsay       The focus of my work is based around Reactionary and emotional response. Using experimental and creative ways of mark/pattern making to create interesting and dynamic surfaces within the work, in turn allowing me to capture the manic and scattered images of my inner monologue.

Using a wide range of material and tools allows this freedom and experimentations through all the work which enables surprises and unexpected reactions of the material which simulates life and the topics I am focusing on.

I try to inject Humour and Pathos into my work. I don’t like to say my work is about mental health as even though it’s a big part of the context behind it. My work is more about life itself, about all these experiences and interactions we have and how we all have similar stories to tell.