As of 2019 we are using our Arcade space to host exhibitions and events with a focus on experimental work. If you have a proposal you think would suit Arcade, please fill out the attached form here.


ArcadeCampfa is excited to be hosting Grrrl Zine project Spread - a portable, reconstructable, exhibition space that will tour the UK from its creation in July 2019.

The show invites artists to create and submit artworks considering how we, as womxn, transgender and gender non-conforming persons; navigate, adapt to or build the spaces we occupy, as well as how we can reclaim space for ourselves and our communities.

A nod to Grrrl Zine Fair's zine making, zine library and events which platform marginalised voices, Spread is DIY in origin, with accessibility, intersectionality and inclusivity at the heart of its concept.

The space will expand into each new exhibition context and hope to disseminate the work of its artists across the United Kingdom and further afield. It can be shaped to fit each new habitat and the artists works which inhabit it.

As part of the Cardiff iteration of the project ArcadeCampfa is inviting artists based in Wales to submit a new or existing work for inclusion in the show. There are three commissions of £100 available. No previous exhibiting experience is necessary, nor any formal art training. The work will continue with the touring exhibition through 2019.

The work can be in any format - for example visual art, writing, photography, craft, multimedia etc.

To submit please follow this link to the Google form. If you would like the information in any other format please do email info@arcade-campfa.org.