While ArcadeCampfa is closed for the forseeable future, we will be exhibiting artists’ work here for month-long online residencies. 

Hannes Schievink & Noa Zuidervaart - 15.6.20 - 15.7.20
Hannes Schievink is a Dutch artist based in Zwolle, the Netherlands. His work mostly focusses on existential questioning, but make it fun. Themes like religion and identity collide with fun and campy imagery and text.
︎ hannesschievink.nl

Noa Zuidervaart is an artist based in Zwolle, the Netherlands. His work focuses primarily on character and narrative based illustrations that take the form of fictional memoirs.
︎ noazuidervaart.nl

Hannes Schievink & Noa Zuidervaart will be creating a webcomic together via e-mail which follows two parties fleeing an undefined danger on Earth and will be a mix of campy science-fiction, drama and existentialism.

GWENBA - 1.6.20 - 1.7.20
I’m interested in exploring communication and connection through the digital realm, mimicking the forms of Nature in the process. Creating growths that speak in data’d tongue /= hieroglyphs that read in emojis sprawled onto rock segments.. microbial MyCelium Systems - (the twitter for mushrooms) and creating a symbiotic language between nature&data:
︎ gwenba.wixsite.com

is a collection of archived&ongoing work that  explores the relationship between organic and virtual spaces, forming digital growths from the earth’s core with performance, sound, video, text & new:media experiments. / —

Ian Watson - 25.5.20 - 25.6.20
Ian Watson is a Cardiff based artist currently taking part in the G39 Fellowship with support from Freelands Foundation.
︎ @_i_a_n__w_a_t_s_o_n_/

The Path (2020)
Considering the birth of the first city, the weight of ambition, material waste and a zombie coerced into drinking bin juice. Here at the hard edges exists a place where nature rewards us with fruit despite the seemingly unsympathetic terrain.

The script to The Path can be viewed/downloaded below.
︎ The Path

Luke Humphries - 17.4.20 - 17.5.20
Luke Humphries is an artist, writer and guitar player. ︎ http://lukehumphries.cargo.site

Luke Humphries will be writing new short stories exploring staying indoors and isolation, updated daily.

Luke Humphries, Anna Palmer

Following his residency with ArcadeCampfa, Luke Humphries commissioned musician, performer and sound artist Anna Palmer to compose and record a piece of music based on one of the stories. The music accompanies a video created by Luke.

Anna Palmer
︎ annapalmermusic.wixsite.com