Walking With my Eyes
Alice Banfield

CAMPFA Nov 27th 2019 – Jan 21st 2020
Opening 27.11.19 6-8pm

Twice a year we host an artist/collaborating artist in our basement studio beneath the Arcade space. The selected artist has free use of the studio for six months followed by an exhibition at Campfa.

During my six months at ArcadeCampfa I have been concerned with exploring the concept of “safe spaces” and how I, as an autistic person, engage with differing sensory environments. This reflected on the introduction of structured “autism hours” in public spaces contrasting them with lack of structure around the residency being in a shopping centre.

I began to narrate these experiences with autism using the Spoon Theory as a coping mechanism with social interactions. The Spoon Theory was established to measure the amount of energy disabled, mentally and chronically ill people consumed per task.